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I sent my cell phone in perfect condition with the box, instructions, charger, and the earphones. They said they would give me $150. Then they said they could only give me $70 because the LCD was cracked. I told them to send my phone back. I received a phone back (not even my phone) without any accessories. Contacted them many times and they never responded. Fraud alert!!!! Do not use this company because you have no recourse. Once you send it... Read more

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Total scam. Their website says you'll get paid the same day you're phone is received. That's not true. It's been 5 days and I have not heard anything from them. I email them and get a generic email saying my request is in a ***. I have come to terms with the fact that my phone is gone. I should have traded it back in to AT&T, but I got greedy by the number this "company" was offering. They don't even have a phone number to call. Please don't... Read more

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I got an offer of $220 for my iPhone 4GS 16G and sent it in with their prepaid shipping label. Tracking shows received and agreed to price for condition, but still have not received info about payment after several escalating emails. It's now been over 3 weeks with no response at all. I would take a little less money or choose to have the phone retuned to me, as several other sites offered just under $200 trade in offers. No customer service... Read more

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Sent the samsung galaxy 3 phone in for payment of $149.00 as described on their website. Waited and 24 hours later they said the phone was worth $1, it was 5 months old. So they said they'd return it. THAT WAS IN JANUARY....STILL WAITING FOR THE PHONE TO BE RETURNED. Now they do not have a phone number for customer service (ODD DON'T YOU THINK?) AND THEY WILL NOT RETURN AN EMAIL EVER!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I ALSO... Read more

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I sent my iphone to Celltradein, the company agreed to pay me $150. Later, they offered me $80 and sent me a check. The check was rejected by the bank and I was charged a service fee. I emailed CELLTradein and they responded by saying they changed banks, resubmit the check to the bank and it would go through. I resubmitted the check and it bounced again. My email to Celltradein remains unanswered. The are a Ripoff! Do not use them. They... Read more

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My boyfriend and I both got quotes from them for our iPhone 3G phones in very good shape. They quoted us $80 each so we sent them in. He opted for the direct payment, which was only for $64, and I got a check about 2 weeks later, also for $64 - no email asking me if I wanted to accept their offer for less. Our phones were exactly as we described them - not perfectly new, but in very good condition, no scratches or dents. These guys are total... Read more

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Gave me an offer of $90.00 for my Iphone 3G. After receiving it i got an email saying that based on my phones condition they were prepared to offer $69.00. I said no refused the offer and asked them to send my Iphone back. They stopped replying to my emails and just sent the check for the reduced offer the parent company eBlaze Services, Inc got an well deserved F on the BBB rating they would have given them a worse rating if they had one... Read more

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Sadly my story is similar to the other posts but I thought it best to tell it anyways to show they are STILL ripping people off. I sent in my HTC EVO 4G to them 4 weeks ago - they received it and offered me a lower quote than originally quoted for a phone in perfect condition. I had a screen cover and a case on the phone it was imaculate so I declined their offer and told them to send it back to me....well, of course they didn't. After... Read more

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I saw the advertisement online sent my Titan phone in I had only had the phone a week brand new and I decided I wanted another phone so I decided to take celltradein offer of 267.00 but low and behold when they get the phone they offer me 97.00 I declined the offer and asked them to return my phone here it is 3weeks later still no phone I'm going to look further into this situation and see what needs to be done because I refuse to give a... Read more

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I was given a quote for $205 for my iphone in excellent condition. It was like new, but when they received it they said it was average condition. They said they would only pay $164 and I could accept or reject their offer. I rejected the offer since Verizon would pay $185 and probably not try to rip me off. They said they would send the phone back, but about a week later I get a payment from them for $164 through paypal. There is no way to... Read more

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